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A cabbage is as good as its head. A good, round compact one like Quisor F1 gives you a head start in the market.

Quisor F1
Introducing QUISOR F1 - The Cabbage with just the head for business. 

Why Quisor F1?

1. Compact Head
"The Market preference is for compact heads as opposed to loosely packed heads." 

2. Round Shape
"Round Heads are a market preference" 

 3. Waxy
"Waxy leaves get less attacks by moths (the wiremesh curtain look on leaves)" 


4. Blue-green colour
"Preferred by the market as a sign of freshness" 

5. Sweet
"Quisor F1 is a sweet and soft cabbage, and therefore ideal for cooking and salad preparation."


Other main leading varieties in Hybrid Cabbage:vegetables

  • Gloria F1
  • Pruktor F1
  • Riana F1

Syngenta is distributing Gloria, Pruktor and Riana through the well known Seed Companies: Simlaw Seeds in Kenya, Kibo seeds in Tanzania and Mt. Elgon seeds in Uganda.