Syngenta Celebrates Customer Service Week



Customer Service Week is an annual international celebration dedicated to appreciating and acknowledging customers. At Syngenta, we value our customers and believe that putting our farmers at the center of all our operations is the fundamental aspect to ensure the success of our business. During Customer Service Week, the team in Kenya appreciated our distributors and their staff, who have continued to make business possible by actively and innovatively remaining supportive of farmers. 

The customer service initiative was rolled out country-wide at each of our distributor outlets, with sales teams from each region surprising distributors and their staff with an appreciation cake. The activity also helps the distributor and their staff keep Syngenta Top of Mind ahead of the critical second season. John Ngechu Sales Head Kenya, highlighted that "Our customers are our focus; they remain the center of all we do, and without customers, there is no company!". We demonstrated that our priority is to value those who spend their time and effort interacting with our customers.

The teams went across the five business regions of the country North rift, Central Rift, South Rift, Mt. Kenya, and Nairobi Lower- Eastern & Coast. The area managers across the business regions took the time to visit over thirty distributors delivering thank you cakes. One of the distributors, Framers Centre, thanked Syngenta for such a kind honor assuring the team of a future of the continued partnership. Opiyo, the owner-manager of a critical distributor outlet -FarmLink, in Meru, mentioned how humbled he was by such a kind recognition even during this low-performance season the industry is experiencing. Nahashon Muigai Njoroge, our retail sales representative in Mt Kenya, shared how exciting it was to deliver the cakes and surprise the distributors, stating, "No other company thought of this, and it was thrilling to provide such a unique experience!"

This act of service by the Kenyan team was an opportunity to show how much Syngenta values their distributors for the service they provide. Caroline Gichimu, Marketing Manager East Africa, emphasized that customer service week celebrates those who serve customers daily. Every day, counter staff at our distributor outlets extend the service Syngenta gives to our growers. This year's customer service week, we aimed to celebrate the team to let them know Syngenta is grateful for their extended service. It was a pleasure to do so while remaining true to Syngenta East Africa's commitment to Enhance Customer Intimacy.