Syngenta Seeds improve the quality and yields of crops

High-quality seeds ensure better and more productive crops, which is why farmers invest in them. Advanced seeds help mitigate risks such as disease and drought and allow farmers to grow food using less land, less water and fewer inputs.
Syngenta is a leading developer and producer of seeds. We bring farmers more vigorous, stronger, resistant plants, including innovative hybrid varieties and biotech crops that can thrive even in challenging growing conditions.



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02.02.2023 | VEGETABLES

Syngenta Vegetable Seeds to Share Game-Changing Innovations at Fruit Logistica 2023

Syngenta Vegetable Seeds’ IDEAL Melon™ are among the final 10 nominees for Fruit Logistica 2023 Innovation Award.

30.03.2023 | VEGETABLES

How to Identify Xanthomonas and Thrips in Cabbage

Whether it’s for sauerkraut, fresh salads, or their favorite dish, consumers are looking for blemish-free cabbage to bring home. However, pests are lurking in fields, waiting for the perfect time to infect or take a bite out of this nutrient-dense crop. 

25.07.2022 | VEGETABLES

Syngenta Debuts $15 Million Global Vegetable Seeds Quality Control Lab

Syngenta’s new world-class facilities provide bacterial, fungal, and disease testing to ensure only high-quality seed is provided to growers around the world.

01.05.2023 | VEGETABLES

How Digitization, Data Analysis, Robotics, and More are Reinventing Tomato Research

Biting and sucking insects, damaging diseases, uncertain labor, and more – each of these challenges contribute to the many threats tomato growers face every season. Around the world, Syngenta Vegetable Seeds researchers work hard to find the best new tomato varieties for any region and any growing style. 


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