Supporting sustainability by sponsoring 2000 tree seedlings Kenya.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

At Syngenta, through our continued efforts to protect biodiversity as part of our Good Growth Plan, donates 2000 seedlings to Timboroa forest to put the urgent fight against climate change and biodiversity loss at the heart of our operations. The forest plays a crucial role in the productive farming future of the country, being a primary water source for framers. The donation acts as a step towards regenerative agriculture in the country.

In commemorating World Environmental Day, the team took part in a tree-planting event organized by Green Earth Organization. The event at Timboroa Dam in Kenya was centered around safeguarding our environment through tree planting in collaboration with industry stakeholders. Syngenta sponsored 2000 seedlings to be planted, providing an exciting opportunity to continue our efforts to enhance biodiversity and soil health through partnership for farmers' productive future. 

Tambora forest forms part of the country's primary water sources, and it is a vital national asset in climate regulation and conservation of biological diversity. These, in turn, support key economic sectors, including agriculture, both cash crops and subsistence crops for large- and small-scale farmers. World Environment Day celebrated globally is one of the United Nations' primary ways of raising global awareness on environmental issues and stimulating political attention, public action, and commitment to ecological conservation.

The event was centered around 'Ecosystem Restoration' with a clear message on the fundamental collective and individual responsibility to ensure restoration. It attracted several partners, including government organizations and representatives, both local and national, community leaders and associations including Timboroa Community Forest Association (CFA), Bombo-Sabor Forest Users Conservation Group (Kaptagat), exciting space to continuously partner with organizations for impact on our joint goals for sustainability. 

Our Syngenta team put into action their commitment to the environment and to protecting biodiversity by simply sponsoring seedlings but actively participating in planting trees, all to preserve the environment. The team managed to produce over 500 trees on the day. With hindsight, we were continually growing more trees in the best planting season, committing to actively monitor and protect all the trees to total growth with our technical expertise. 

Speaking during the event at the Chairperson of The Green Earth Organization, Sheila Koech, shared her appreciation to the entire Syngenta team stating, "We are keen on strengthening our partnership and collaboration in our future initiatives on sustainability."