Mavuno Zaidi™

Mavuno Zaidi


Our Mavuno Zaidi project in Kenya empowers smallholders to help them drive sustainable development. Agriculture is the main industry in Africa and smallholders are at the heart of it! Agriculture has a massive social and economic footprint. It is the main source of employment and contributes up to 50% of some African countries’ GDPs. Furthermore, smallholders make up 60% of the population in Sub-Saharan Africa. By empowering smallholders, we help them drive a step change.

Mavuno Zaidi™ provides micro-financing to smallholders addresses the key barriers to growth that farmers face. In turn, farmers are able to access innovative technologies. It also equips farmers with sustainable practices as well as helping link them to the market. So far, over 69,000 smallholder farmers have been reached through Mavuno Zaidi™.

We have not done this alone! At Syngenta and through the Good Growth Plan, we are committed to partnering for impact, to help farmers improve not only their livelihoods but also the sustainability of agriculture. Mavuno Zaidi™ has partnered with various financial technologies including Safaricom’s Digi-Farm, the Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB), and very recently with the Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH) with whom the target is to reach an additional 53,000 smallholder farmers in the next three years.

Ask any farmer about the challenges they face and you will be sure to get one if not all three of these; (i) access to affordable credit, (ii) access to market, and (iii) ability to meet the rising demand for high-quality food. Through the Mavuno Zaidi™, the potential of the agriculture industry is gradually being unleashed in a sustainable and inclusive manner.

We are helping our farmers take agriculture to the next level!