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Syngenta has reinforced its commitment to the global ornamentals business to support sustainable businesses through a close collaboration with ornamental growers. 

Syngenta Ornamental Controls is a fully dedicated, global ornamental controls business passionately committed to working with growers and industry partners around the world. We are proud to have a leading, global portfolio of high quality products that can be tailored together with our local experts to create simpler, more profitable, more responsible ornamental growing solutions.

At Syngenta, we work with you to make sure every plant achieve it full potential for your business. The impact of a pest or disease on their crop - and commercial success - can be huge. It is at this point Syngenta's expertise becomes an essential and critical component for success. On these occasions growers can benefit from Syngenta's products and services.

Ornamental crop production is a specialized business centered on the beauty of flowers and attention to detail to deliver perfect results.

Syngenta has both the commercial experience from working with growers and to implement innovative research and development projects involving a combination of chemical, biological and technical service to provide integrated controls solutions. Increasingly Syngenta is providing the ornamentals growers with the ability to introduce integrated pest management in their crop and address the need of their customers to meet leading certifications schemes.

Syngenta provides a new level of understanding with growers by working in collaboration and ensures Syngenta Ornamental Controls innovates with growers to deliver more responsible solutions.

Below are links to some of our ornamental products:

Insecticides Fungicides Nematicides Biostimulant


Avid 018 EC Syngenta



Ridomil Gold MZ






Our Lawn and Garden business offers a range of plant health solutions for consumers and professional growers, drawing on the strengths of our Crop Protection and Seeds businesses.