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Hicure Biostimulant

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About Hicure® Biostimulant

Hicure® is an environmentally safe product derived from natural origin. It enhances the quality and productivity of Roses and other cut flowers.  Hicure Biostimulant is based on amino acids and peptides for foliar spray and soil application on flowers.


Active Ingredient

10% w/w of total nitrogen (N) as organic (protein) nitrogen, 62.5% of total organic matter (natural origin) and amino acids, 10% w/w of free amino acids.


1 litre

Mode of Action

Hicure® is completely taken up by the plant when applied either as a foliar or soil application.

Rates of Application

Apply at a recommended 2.5 lt/ha applied every 2 weeks or 1.25 lt/ha applied weekly

Apply during the active vegetative crop growth and after cut back.

Main Crops

Roses and other ornamental crops.


Main Product Benefits

  • Enhance crop performance and quality
  • It helps plants overcome stress periods
  • Improves soil fertility by Increasing Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC)
  • It is compatible with most crop protection products and fertilizers
  • Easily fits in IPM programs and it is safe for beneficials such as bees