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Score 250 SC

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About SCORE 250 SC

SCORE 250 SC is a  broad-spectrum systemic triazole fungicide that provides outstanding control of Leaf Rust and Leaf Spots in vegetables and ornamentals.Score is a systemic fungicide for long lasting preventive and strong curative action. It has broad spectrum disease control against powdery mildew, leafspot diseases, alternaria and rusts in fruit trees, pulses, ornamentals and vegetables.


Active ingredient

250g/l Difenoconazole


Emulsifiable concentrate (EC)

WHO classification



 20ml, 100ml and 1 litre

 Mode of Action

Stops the development of fungi by interfering with the biosynthesis of sterols in cell membranes.Long-lasting preventive activity combined with curative and eradicant properties; fast uptake and high translaminar movement.

Rates of application

Apply at 0.5 litres/ha


A wide range of leaf spot diseases. Key partner for Integrated Pest management program

Main crops

Can be used on almost any crop (vegetables & ornamentals).


  • Ideally systemic, SCORE gives more to growers: It is reliable and economical, giving a high return.
  • Protects new growth from within.
  • Curative activity : able to eliminate all disease within the crop leading to higher quality produce.