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Gramoxone 200 SL

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Non Selective Herbicides

About Gramoxone

GRAMOXONE is a unique, fast acting, non-selective, contact herbicide for control of most fibrous rooted grasses and annual broadleaf weeds with varied uses in a wide variety of crops. GRAMOXONE is a non-selective herbicide that is used by millions of growers and is, after nearly 50 years, still one of the most widely used herbicides in the world. It is used in around 100 countries on more than 100 crops.

GRAMOXONE is revolutionizing weed control by replacing the time-consuming chore of hand weeding. The active ingredient, paraquat, is deactivated when it reaches soil by rapidly binding to soil particles and does not have a negative effect on ground water or soil organisms, even after years of repeated applications.

The incredible success of GRAMOXONE is built on its unique features, its mode and speed of action, its versatility in terms of weather as well as its environmental behavior.



Active ingredient
200g/L Paraquat

Slurry liquid (SL)

WHO classification

5 litres, 1 litre & 500ml

Mode of action
Non-selective contact herbicide.

Rate of application
Apply 2-3 litres

All annual and certain perennial weeds.

Main crops
Maize, Soya, wheat, rice, potatoes, fruit (oranges, apples, bananas), coffee, tea, cocoa, cotton and sugarcane.



  • GRAMOXONE provides control of annual weeds and burn down of perennials
  • GRAMOXONE is fast acting in all weather conditions, independent of active weed growth, temperature and soil moisture.
  • GRAMOXONE's unique speed of action allows the growth of multiple crops per season thereby maximizing yield.
  • GRAMOXONE is the ideal herbicide for use in conservation and no-till systems as it only controls the foliage parts of weeds, thus promoting intact roots and preventing soil erosion.
  • It does not leach in groundwater.