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Karate 2.5 WG

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About Karate 2.5 WG

It's reliable, fast acting, more powerful granular insecticide for complete control of pests in vegetables

Fact Sheet

Active ingredient

2.5g/L Lambda-cyhlothrin


wettable granules(WG)

WHO Classification



20g, 40g

Mode of action

Has a quick knock-down and repellence effect on pests. It acts through contact (direct on pest), residual (on plant) and stomach activity thus stopping pest damage to crops immediately.

It rapidly affects the insect's nervous system disrupting transmission of nerve impulses and instantly knocking down the pest.

Rates of application

Apply at 0.4 – 0.5kg / Ha


Caterpilars,aphids,whiteflies,jassads and thrips in cabbages ,kales, beans , tomatoes, chillies , cucurbits and many other vegetable crops

Main crops

French beans, peas, tomatoes, pepper, cabbage, kales, citrus

Key Benefits

Main Product Benefits

  • Broad spectrum of activity-will control the several crop pests in one spray.
  • Novel granular formulation-pours like a liquid therefore easy to handle. High efficacy at low rates-very low residue on crops and short PHI.
  • Contact, residual and stomach action-ensures control whether or not the pest is directly hit or sprayed.