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Krismat 75 WG

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Selective Herbicides

About Krismat 75 WG

It's a powerful post-emergence herbicide for the control of all important broadleaf and grass weeds in sugar cane.

Krismat is a combination of trifoxysulfuron and ametryn in an ideal ratio to provide a powerful broad-spectrum weed control in sugar cane, with very good crop tolerance.


Active Ingredient
18.5g/Kg   Trifloxysulfuron Sodium 

731.5g/Kg Ametryn 

Water Dispersible Granules (WDG)

WHO Classification

5 KG 

Mode of Action
Krismat provides contact and residual control of troublesome weeds such as Digitaria horizontalis, Rottboellia exaltata, Ipomea grandifolia, Bracharia spp, as well as suppressing growth of Cyperus rotundus.

Rate of Application
Apply 2.0 - 2.5 kg/ha

Annual braod leaf weeds and grasses

Main Crops


  • Control of key grass weeds, including Brachiaria and Rottboellia.
  • Suppression of sedges with full control through yearly application.
  • Broad-spectrum post-emergence broadleaf weed control.
  • Good tolerance in both ratoon and plant cane.
  • Same dose and application timing for both rain-fed and irrigated cane (no need to switch products)
  • Positioned as a stand-alone post-emergence product
  • At least two months residual control under good moisture conditions.
  • Good weed control in all soil types.
  • Less weed escapes than with pre-emergence applications.