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A medium-dark green cylindrical hybrid traditional variety for open field cultivation. This is a vigorous variety, with medium-long internodes. Its high precocity yielding marketable fruits and its high productivity rate make it ideal for use in open fields, leading to excellent yields, even in a short growing cycle. Medium-dark green classic fruit, with a regular cylindrical shape, even when longer and larger than usual. Afrodite continues to be a variety that is highly appreciated due to its small flower scar, excellent post-harvest preservation times, resistance during transport and...
Size Length: 10-20cm, Diameter: 3.5 to 4cm
Shape Medium-Dark Green, Uniform Cylindrical Shape, Small and Neat Flower Scar, Attractive Quality, Good Shelf Life
Plant vigour Erect Leaves, Open Plant, Productive


45 - 50 days

Disease Resistance