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Voliam Targo® 063SC Launch

Make It Pop – Make It Stick

Having successfully launched ENGEO® 247SC in the year 2016 and now introducing VOLIAM TARGO ®063 SC, demonstrates Syngenta’s commitment in addressing grower’s needs by bringing new and innovative product solutions in to the market.  The product was first launched to our Mazao customers who ensure Syngenta products availability across the country. 

This is a timely introduction in view of the current Fall Amy Warm infestation in some parts of the country and the potential countrywide outbreak. This new pest has had devastating effects in some African countries including Zambia, DRC, Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa. VOLIAM TARGO is able to effectively control Fall Amy Worm among many other pests. For any crop protection product in the market, the critical considerations in a customer’s mind would include: the spectrum of activity, quick action that stops further damage to the crop, the right product pack size and eventually the cost effectiveness of the product.

With this in mind we set out to launch VOLIAM TARGO to our channel partners. Our objective was to make the message simple and fun to ensure we win the customers share of mind in an already crowded market – Make It Pop – Make It Stick

The setting was right, the Syngenta commercial team was ready to meet the distributors for the annual business recap and bonding. The timing was also early enough in the year before the season began.
The features and benefits of VOLIAM TARGO were relayed in an easy to understand product presentation which address the most immediate grower concerns : VOLIAM TARGO is fast acting, broad spectrum insecticide, cost effective and is now available in the market in the right pack size - 100 ml pack.

The product launch was crowned by a fun moment in which the distributors were involved in a balloon bursting competition similar to VOLIAM TARGO's quick kill. The balloons were shaped like various problematic insect pests that present a challenge to many farmers in Kenya, but are easily controlled by VOLIAM TARGO. In the competition, the distributor who would pop as many balloons as possible and collect as many insect pest names as possible would win a gift. 

The distributor who won also got the opportunity to do the grand unveiling of VOLIAM TARGO.
VOLIAM TARGO ®063 SC has now become a top of mind, fast acting and broad spectrum insecticide for use in eradicating pests in a wide range of crops across the country.