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Tervigo 020SC

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About Tervigo® 020 SC

Nematicide for the control of nematodes in Roses and Carnations.


Active ingredient

Abamectin 20 g/l.


Soluble concentrate.

WHO classification



5 litre

Mode of action

ABAMECTIN is a GABA agonist. It stimulates the release of GABA from presynaptic inhibitory membranes at the nerve endings and enhances the binding of GABA receptor sites in the muscle cells of the target pests. This binding results in an increased flow of chloride ions into the cell, essentially blocking the nerve signals. Within the soil, ABAMECTIN acts mainly by contact activity.

Rates of application

Apply at a recommended rate of 8lt /Ha



Main crops

Roses and Carnations


Main product benefits

Crop Enhancement benefit - The unique chelated formulation ensures effective protection of the active ingredient for optimal soil penetration and contact with nematodes. The iron chelate also provides a micronutrient iron (Fe) which:

• Improves soil health and fertility by increasing Cation Exchange Capacity.

• Improves chlorophyll content

• Enhances root mass

Spectrum of Activity - Tervigo™ 020 SC has strong activity against several species of nematodes including the root-knot, the stubby-root, the lance, the sting, the lesion, the dagger, the needle, the ring, the spiral, and the stunt nematode.

IPM- Fitness -  Tervigo™ 020 SC fits well into any IPM system. As it is applied to the soil and it is not systemic, beneficials (bees, natural enemies) will not be affected during and after application.