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About Syngenta

Syngenta is one of the world's leading companies with more than 26,000 employees in over 90 countries dedicated to our purpose: Bringing plant potential to life. For more information please visit

Our culture differentiates us, transforming agriculture through our people, culture of innovation and integrated offers. 

Our name, Syngenta, has two distinct roots. "Syn" stems from Greek. It reflects synergy and synthesis, integration and consolidating strengths. "Genta" relates to humanity and individuals. It stems from the Latin "gens", for people or community; so Syngenta means "Bringing People Together."

The strategy of Syngenta is to develop crop programmes through innovative solutions that offer farmers not only single plant protection products, but also complete crop solutions to assist them in producing an outstanding crop in both quality and quantity limiting post harvest losses.

For agriculture to remain sustainable, it is necessary to achieve a critical balance between increased productivity and environmental protection.