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Syngenta Cameroon Products

Ridomil Gold plus
RIDOMIL GOLD® PLUS 66 WP Systemic and residual fungicide for the control of black pod disease, seedling blight and stem canker (Phytophthora spp.) on cocoa
Actara 240sc

ACTARA® 240 SC is a systemic and contact insecticide for the control of mirids on cocoa.

AMPLIGO® 150 ZC is a broad spectrum insecticide that can be used to control Tuta Absoluta, Diamond Back Moth, Whiteflies, Leaf-hoppers and Fall Army Worm.
Amistar Bankit 25sc
BANKIT® 25 SC is a systemic fungicide for the control of crown rot on dessert banana
BANVEL® 4S is a post-emergence herbicide for the control of annual and perennial dicotyledons in corn.
CRUISER® 600 FS is a seed treatment insecticide for control of soil-dwelling, early leaf-eating, and sucking insects like aphids including the Russian wheat aphid, wire worms, thrips, leaf and stem feeding coleopteran species in wheat, barley and beanflies in beans.
Fortenza r600fs
FORTENZA® 600 FS is a systemic insecticide used as a seed treatment product for the control of fall armyworm, stem-boring caterpillars and soil pests harmful to corn crops.
Gardoprim Plus Gold
GARDOPRIM® PLUS GOLD 500 SC is an herbicide with residual action, used for the control of cotton weeds in pre-emergency of crops and weeds
PERGADO® COCOA is a systemic fungicide for the control of black pod disease (Phytophthora spp) in Cocoa.

Syngenta operates in Cameroon through accredited distributors: Arysta LifeScience Cameroon and  SODEAC ( Société de Développement Agronomique 
Cameroun) B.P. 24239 Douala (Cameroun). 

Please feel free to contact them for any information regarding Syngenta products.