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NEMATHORIN® 150EC is the most efficacious environmentally friendly nematicide, providing reliable, cost - effective control of plant parasitic nematodes with good residual effect resulting in high yields and quality.

  • Broad spectrum long residual control of important nematode species. Fosthiazate is a low-tox organophosphate compound that controls all plant - parasitic nematodes in ornamentals with minimum effect on non-target soil- dwelling organisms
  • Plant vigour -  Nemathorin ensures there is no damage to the root system, Thereby:
  • Reducing risk of secondary infection by other pathogens e.g bacteria, fungi and viruses
  • Ensuring increased water use efficiency and nutrient uptake, reducing cost of irrigation and fertigation.
  • Increasing ability of plants to withtstand stress conditions from biotic and abiotc environmental factors such as disesases, nutrient defiency and so on.

TERVIGO® 20SC Nematicide for the control of nematodes in roses and carnations.

  • Crop Enhancement benefit - The unique chelated formulation ensures effective protection of the active ingredient for optimal soil penetration and contact with nematodes.
  • The iron chelate also provides a micronutrient iron (Fe) which:
  • Improves soil health and fertility by increasing Cation Exchange Capacity.
  • Improves chlorophyll content and  enhances root mass
  • It has strong activity against several species of nematodes including the root-knot, the stubby-root, the lance, the sting, the lesion, the dagger, the needle, the ring, the spiral, and the stunt nematode.
  • IPM- Fitness, safe to beneficial insects like bees and natural enemies