New varieties

Bashaer F1

A determinate hybrid suited for use in the fresh market. Bashaer is an early maturing variety that produces firm fruits. It has a 75 day maturity period and a shelf life of over 21 days. The yield per acre is 30 - 35 tonnes under concentrated picking. Its fruit are very firm elongated, non-green back, smooth and firm  with an average fruit weight of 130gms.

Escazu F1

A fresh market cabbage for high yield and stronger resistance against pests and diseases. Escazu boasts a 70 to 75 day maturity period. It is very vigorous and hence ready to transplant very early. It produces heads with 4KG weight with a yield of 60 tonnes per acre

Indra F1

A blocky hybrid pepper which eventually turns red at full physiological maturity. It has a 90 day maturity period and produces large deep blocky fruit with 3-4 lobes thick walls and average size of 12.5 x 10cm. The fruit have an average fruit weight of 22gms. It has a total yield of 25-30 tonnes per acre open field and 50-60 tonnes in the green house.

Africa red F1 (SG8363 F1)

A short day onion with uniform red coloured bulbs. The variety produces bulbs with a suitable flat globe shape and is suited for the fresh market. The variety produces 3 - 6 cm globe shaped bulbs with uniform red colour. It matures 90 days after transplanting and has a yield of 25 tonnes per acre

Fahari F1

Fahari F1 is a medium maturing Jubilee type of watermelon. It produces large fruit with sweet tasting red flesh. The fruits have a thin but tough rind that offers very good shelf life and hence good keeping quality to be transported to long distances. It has an average fruit size of 8KG and a total yield of 30 to 40 tonnes per acre