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Actellic 25EC

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Post Harverst Treatment

About Actellic® 25EC

Insecticide for the control of storage pests in stored grain- bulk-stored grain, bagged grain, storage surfaces. Also for the control of the insect pests in potatoes, vegetables, citrus, bananas, pineapples


Active ingredient

250 g/L Pirimiphos-methyl


100ml, 1Litre


Emulsifiable Concentrate

WHO classification


Mode of action

Pirimiphos-methyl rapidly penetrates the insect cuticle and disrupts nerve conduction via the inhibition of acetylcholinesterase.

Rates of application

  • Stored grain - Bulk: Mix 20 ml of ACTELLIC 25 EC per litre of water. Apply 1 litre per tonne of grain as it flows to the bulk store.
  • Stored surfaces: Mix 400 ml in 20 litres of water and spray over 100 m² of surface (wet to run-off point). Spray also the ground surrounding the store. Ventilate store before re-entry.

NOTE: This formulation of ACTELLIC 25 EC will not give control of the Larger Grain Borer (Prostephanus truncatus). If infestation by this pest is suspected seek expert advice. ACTELLIC 25 EC will give control of Malathion resistant pests. .

  • Potatoes/Vegetables including peas and beans aphids, whitefly, thrips, spider mites, weevils, caterpillars, cutworms. Spray at first signs of pest infestation and repeat at 14-day spray intervals. Do not spray when leaves are wet or plants are stressed. For small scale, apply 2 It./ha in 400 litres of water per hectare (100ml /20It) while for large scale usage apply 2 Iitres in 1000 litres of water per hectare (40ml/20It). Observe a pre-harvest interval of 7 days. For cutworm control, apply as a band spray along the rows.
  • Apples, Citrus, Banana Pineapples and Other Fruits· caterpillars, scales and mealy bugs. Do not spray when leaves are wet or plants are stressed. Apply 3 It/ha in 1000 It of water per hectare (60 ml/20 It.). Observe a pre-harvest interval of 7 days.
  • Rice Stem Borer, Plant and Leafhopper. spray 2 litres in 1000 litres of water per 100 square meters (40 ml of product/ 20 It. to have an approximate coverage of 6 x 6 paces)


When used according to instructions no harmful residues will occur and treated grain may be safely consumed by humans and livestock. Do not make more than one application in stored grain.