Syngenta boosting vegetable seed production though Research & Development

In 2017, Syngenta invested more than USD 5 million to develop a modern Research and Development (R&D) complex consisting of laboratories, greenhouses, cold stores and processing lines for the multiplication of high quality cereal and vegetables seeds.

This new site becomes the latest addition to Syngenta’s global research network. The site promises to boost vegetable seeds production to be able to meet the demand in Kenya and across the world. Syngenta has been working globally, in Africa and the Middle East for over half a century in more than 50 countries, and has a good understanding of the critical role agriculture plays in economic, environmental and social development across this diverse region. This has therefore led to the commitment to deliver vegetable seeds to various markets globally and hence be able to provide hybrid seeds to farmers to support them in accessing superior performance seeds and hence enable them to increase the performance within their farms

Our ambition is to support the inclusion of farmers into viable value chains to increase their productivity so that they produce more of what local and global markets want. We strive to transform farmer yields at scale, in a way that creates sustainable value - motivated by the belief that successful farmers grow surpluses for sale, generate income, provide quality food and build vibrant communities.

As a global agricultural innovation company, our core strength lies in our technologies, which boost farm productivity and food quality. With capable teams across the territory, we strive to deliver crop solutions into farmers’ hands through an extensive distribution system. Farmers – large and small – have improved their yields through access to quality seed, crop protection and improved know-how.

In markets where agricultural potential is far from optimized, we help create the framework needed for farmers to access quality inputs, gain good agronomic knowledge and access output markets

Syngenta is therefore using technology to address the growing need for hybrid vegetable seeds in Africa and indeed in the world. The company is committed to contributing towards transformation of agriculture through well-thought innovations with the aim of increasing food security and environmental sustainability while improving the performance in the farms and hence increasing the income bracket of farmers.

How to find the station

The below link shows a detailed map of the directions to the Syngenta R&D Site

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