Syngenta Vegetable Seeds announces €2.4 million investment to boost R&D

VEGETABLES | 24.02.2022


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Syngenta Vegetable Seeds has announced a commitment to accelerate its focus in Iberia by investing an additional €2,4 million ($2.7M USD) to research and development centres in Spain.


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This investment in its El Ejido R&D Centre (above) will allow Syngenta to further develop and deploy new technologies, aiming to enhance product performance using digital tools, analytics, and data science. Syngenta will also utilise this investment to secure long-term R&D investments in strategic crops and fast-track the development process required to sustain the launch of commercial products that serve customers in over 100 countries.

"This is an unprecedented opportunity that will highlight our R&D centres in Almería and Murcia as global focal points for plant breeding innovation," said José Manuel Zapata, Vegetable Seeds Biological Operation Site Head in Spain.


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As a part of this investment, a new farm in the Torre Pacheco area will offer greater automation and digitization, enabling quicker adoption of new technologies to pioneer and set novel benchmarks for plant breeding.


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Syngenta Vegetable Seeds aims to place the customer at the heart of everything. The modernization of these facilities will allow the enhanced collaboration with customers in the market and bring solutions to their farms and operations.


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"It will allow us to be closer to growers, providing them with better service and the most innovative solutions."

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