Cotton Pest Solutions

Crop Development StagePestDamage/Symptoms CausedControl StrategyComment
Vegetative growthAphidsLeaf curling. With heavy infestation a black sooty covering of the leaves and stem will appear as a result of the honey due produced by the insects.Seed treatment with Cruiser 350FS at 300g/100kg seedSeed treatment with Cruiser 350 FS gives the crop a healthy start enabling it to withstand pest attack even if their numbers may not be noticeable. Cruiser 350 FS will give up 6 weeks protection to the young plant
 JassidsLeaf curling downwards and yellowing starting from the leaf marginsSeed treatment with Cruiser at 300g/100kg seed 
Flowering and early boll formationAphidsAppearance of greasy black sooty material covering the leaves and stem.Apply Fenom Plus at 625mls/haAphid attack at this time will result in reduction in cotton quality
 BollwormsAbortion of flowers called flared squares. Attacked immature bolls drop off.Apply Polytrin Ka or Fenom Plus at 625mls/ha or Karate 5EC at 400mls/ha. Repeat application at two weeks intervalHeavy infestations may result in total loss of the crop
 Mature bollsCotton strainersApply Polytrin Ka or Fenom Plus at 625mls/ha.Staining of cotton lint resulting in reduced quality