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Insects like caterpillars and aphids can significantly reduce crop yields and quality. Insecticides help minimize this damage by controlling insect pests. The largest crop markets affected by insects are in fruit and vegetables, cotton, rice and corn.


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ACTARA® 25WG is a unique, systemic insecticide, which provides effective, fast acting, long lasting elimination of a broad range of sucking pests.

Used in vegetables, ornamentals, coffee, tomatoes, peas, beans, peppers, cucurbits, fruit trees and other crops.

It targets a broad spectrum of insects pests like Whiteflies, Aphids, Thrips, Leaf hoppers,  Antestia bug, Root mealy bug, Star scale, Cottony scale and Coffee Berry Borer.


  • Highly effective at a low rate  and used against a broad spectrum of insects hence low application costs.
  • Improves root vigour
  • Rapid uptake, fast acting and longer residual control leading to less applicatons per season and cost savings.
  • Quick action on pests.
  • Protects the plants against viral diseases.
  • Can be used as a foliar spray, drench or drip irrigation

  • Highly effective on control of plant feeding mites in a range of crops especially ornamentals.

AVID® 1.8EC It's a naturally derived miticide with a unique mode of action for controlling plant feeding mites in a range of crops especially ornamentals.

ARIMA® 30SC  provides an effective and noble control of Spider Mites, that guarantees high quality roses and ornamentals for a demanding market.

  • Highly compatible with biological controls.
  • Quick knockdown and long lasting activity against spider mites at any stage of development.
  • Ideal complement to anti-resistance programs.
  • Safe solution for crops and spray operators.

CHESS® 50WG provides powerful control against aphids and whiteflies (vegetables, potatoes, stone fruits, and ornamentals) and hoppers in rice and mangoes.

It delivers immediate crop protection through permanent feeding inhibition.

  • Systemic: easily penetrates green leaves and it is transported within the plant.
  • It stops feeding activity of aphids and whitelies leading to death in 1-4 days.
  • Due to its unique mode of action their is low cross-resistance risk.

ENGEO® 247SC is a broad spectrum insecticide offering both a quick knockdown and long lasting protection against sucking and chewing pests.

Such as Aphids, Whiteflies, Jassids and Lepidopteran pests.


  • Offering dual action of a quick pest kill as well as long lasting efficacy.
  • Highly effective at low rates against a broad spectrum of insect pests due to Superior formulation hence very cost effective.
  • Improves plant vigour.
  • Protects crop from viral diseases.

VOLIAM TARGO® 063SC is a unique insecticide which combines the power of two active ingredients- Chlorantranilipole and Abamectin to give growers the most effective and long lasting control on all the important pests.

such as whiteflies, mites, thrips, leafminer, Tuta Absoluta, diamond black moth, leaf-hoppers, and all types of caterpillars in many crops. 

  • Most powerful Tuta Absoluta and caterpillar control.
  • Economical to use as it tackles wide range of pests.
  • Fast action with immediate kill, preserving yield.
  • Less applications because of its long lasting efficacy.
  • Low PHI of 3 days and  safe to the consumer.
  • Controls all pest stages reducing crop damage hence higher yields.

KARATE® 2.5WG is a broad spectrum synthetic pyrethroid insecticide for control of biting, chewing and sucking pests.

such as aphids, thrips, whiteflies and fruitflies in vegetables, fruit trees, ornamentals and legumes



  • High efficacy at low rates - very low residue on crops and short PHI
  • Quick insect kill.
  • Controls a wide range of pests in many crops

KARATE® 5SC with ZEON technology is a broad-spectrum synthetic pyrethroid insecticide for the control of biting, chewing and sucking pests in ornamentals and vegetables.



  • Karate has a quick knockdown and repellency effect through contact, residual and stomach activity. This stops pest damage on crops immediately.
  • Fast release insecticide  micro-capsule technology.

MATCH® 50EC is an insecticide for the control of thrips, caterpillars and bollworms in vegetables crops, Diamond-black moth, and thrips in Brassica and Ornamental crops.

Match works by interrupting the life cycle of all caterpillars(Lepidoptera)


  • Controls / acts on all stages of insects development and has long lasting efficacy.
  • Does not affect adults in beneficial  insects.
  • Pevents caterpillar eggs from hatching.
  • Protects your crop and yield.

PEGASUS® 500SC is a broad spectrum insecticide able to control a wide
range of pests including Tuta Absoluta, whiteflies, mites, thrips, leafminer, leafhoppers among others.

For crops such as tomatoes, pepper, courgettes, cucurbits, egg plant, onions, leafy vegetables, roses and ornamental crops

  • It immediately stops feeding, reproduction and mobility in the pest.
  • After first uptake the pest does not damage the crop any further.
  • Has vapor action that penetrates into thick canopies hence reaching insects in hard to reach areas.

PIRIMOR® 50DG is a fast acting specific aphicide for use on a wide variety of agricultural crops.

The active ingredient Pirimicarb has a fumigant action, which aids its distribution within the crop. 

  • Fast acting, insecticide rapidly absorbed by the target aphid.
  • Contact, translaminar and a powerful fumigant activity against aphids..

TRIGARD® 75WP The systemic dipterous leaf miner specialist which acts as an insect growth regulator and is selective towards beneficials.

When used in alternation with DYNAMEC, resistance build-up is prevented due to differing modes of action.

  • An Efficient insect growth regulator and is selective towards beneficials. 


DYNAMEC® 1.8EC is a naturally derived acaricide/insecticide which provides an effective and long lasting control of spider mites and leafminers.

Used in vegetables, legumes, fruits and potatoes.


  • Penetrates to the lower leaf hence very effective mite control.
  • Safe to the crop, user, consumer and environment.
  • Fast acting giving you immediate relief from pests hence better yield