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Apron Star 42WS

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Seed Care


APRON  STAR is a seed treatment fungicide-insecticide mixture for controlling downy mildew, damping-off diseases as well as for protection of seeds and seedlings against early season insect pests and soil borne diseases in  beans, sorghum, maize, cotton and vegetables.

"Outstanding control of early season insect pests and diseases, Increased crop vigour and Greater yields"



Active Ingredient Content

200g/Kg Thiamethoxam  

200/Kg   Metalaxyl –M  

20g/Kg   Difenoconazole 

Mode of Action

Thiamethoxam: Interferes with the receptor proteinm nicotinic and acetyl choline of the nervous system. It has contact, stomach and systemic activity. Insects susceptible to Thiamethoxam almost die instantly. Targets wireworms, whiteflies, aphids, jassids, beanfly, thrips and termites.

Metalaxyl -M : Penetrates the seed coat and is systemically translocated to both shoots and roots during germination, providing protection from pre-emergence damping-off caused by pythium spp. Good protection from soil ansd airborne downy mildews is also achieved during and after germination for a period of upto 4 weeks.

Difenoconazole:  Systemic triazole fungicide with a broad spectrum anti-fungal activity. It is taken up by the seed and translocated within the seedling.  It provides protection from damping-off, fusarium spp. and septoria spp.

APRON STAR shows root, leaf and stem systemic activity.

Triple Power with APRON STAR
The three-way powered seedling protection is based on modern chemistry. Some of the vegetable crops where APRON STAR has been used successfully include: French beans, Runner beans, Snow peas, Sugar snaps, Garden peas and Baby corn.

APRON STAR has a broad spectrum of activity and is not expected to be mixed with other products.


  • It stimulates root development leading to vigorous starts, uniform growth and higher yields
  • Strong against critical early season diseases - Pythium, Fusarium and early seasons pests - Bean Fly, Termites, Thrips, Jassids, Whitelies etc.
  • Controls sucking pests for about 21 days / 3 weeks after planting.