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Dividend 030 FS

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Seed Care


DIVIDEND® is a seed treatment fungicide for controlling seed and soil-borne diseases such as bunts, smuts, dumping off, seedling blights and root rots and delays infection of earlier foliar diseases such as leaf rusts and leaf septoria.


Active Ingredient

30g/L Difenoconazole 


Flowable Slurry

Mode of Action

Difenoconazole® is a triazole fungicide with a systemic anti-fungal activity. It acts by preventing formation of ergosterol in fungus cells. As a result, growth and development of pathogenic fungi is rapidly and permanently stopped.

Target Crop Disease


-  Damping off / Seedling blight Fusarium spp, and Septoria nodorum

-  Dwarf bunt Tilletia spp

-  Common bunt Carries / Foetida spp

-  Loose smut Ustilago tritici

-  Root rot Cochliobolus sativus

-  Damping off/Seedling blight Fusarium spp, and Septoria nodorum

-  Loose smut Ustilago nuda

-  Net and Spot blotch Helminthosporium teres / satrium

-  Scald Rhynchosporium secalis

-  Root rot Cochliobolus spp.


Continuous flow seed treater if the formulation is sprayed onto the seed through nozzles or spinning disks in a liquid mist chamber. Rotating drums or fluidized bed systems for film coating procedures. (Calibrate first) On farm equipment like concrete mixers, homemade applicators such as tins and gourds.

Preparation of Slurry

·      Put 1/2 of the required water to the mix tank.

·      Agitate the product before use.

·      Add the required quantity of DIVIDEND 030 FS while stirring continuously.

·      Other compatible products may be added.

·      Maintain agitation of the slurry during the whole time of use.

·      Top up with the remaining volume of water.

·      The slurry has to be used within 24 hours after preparation.


Clean all equipment after use. DIVIDEND® may reduce the flow of seed in a seed drill. Re-calibrate seed drill with treated seed before use.

Product + water = slurry (to be applied onto seed)

150ml + 0 – 650ml = 150ml - 800ml/100kg

DIVIDEND® can be applied diluted or non-diluted.