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Cruiser 350 FS

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Seed Care

CRUISER® is a seed treatment insecticide for control of soil-dwelling, early leaf-eating, and sucking insects like aphids including the Russian wheat aphid, wire worms, thrips, leaf and stem feeding coleopteran species in wheat, barley and beanflies in beans.


Active Ingredient

350g/L Thiamethoxam

Flowable slurry (FS)

WHO classification


Mode of Action
CRUISER is a systemic seed treatment insecticide. It protects against target pests by interfering with receptors that transmit the message to continue feeding. CRUISER acts on different sites of action in the insect than do organophosphates, carbamates or pyrethroids.

Rate of Application

150ml/100kg of seed

CRUISER provides control of a wide range of early season sucking and chewing, leaf-feeding and soil-dwelling insect pests, such as aphids, wireworms, flea beetles, and leafminers.

Main Crops
CRUISER is used to treat the seeds of corn, cotton, sugar beets, oilseed rape, canola, wheat, barley, soybeans, sorghum and other field crops.


  • Long-lasting control of a broad spectrum of insects.
  • Reliable performance under a wide range of growing conditions
  • Strong crop vigor and density to maximize crop potential.
  • Fully compatible with genetically enhanced plants.
  • Commercially applied by the seed company, it is a convenient way to replace the soil and foliar insecticide applications.
  • Supported by worldwide registrations to ensure free movement of treated seed within the global seed market.
  • Safe for workers and the environment, if used correctly
  • High-quality formulations with low use rates for easy-to-handle application.