A Cabbage is as good as its head. A good, round compact one gives you a head start in the market.


Introducing QUISOR F1 - The Cabbage with just the head for business. A medium head size cabbage suitable for all markets.

Why Quisor F1?

1. Compact Head  - The Market preference is for compact heads as opposed to loosely packed heads.

2. Round Shape  - Round Heads are a market preference

3. Waxy  - Waxy leaves get less attacks by moths (the wiremesh curtain look on leaves) 

4. Blue-green colour - Preferred by the market as a sign of freshness 

5. Sweet  - Quisor F1 is a sweet and soft cabbage, and therefore ideal for cooking and salad preparations 

6. Disease Tolerance - High resistance to Fusarium Yellows and observable field tolerance to Black Rot.

7. Yield  - Heads weighing 5-7 kgs and 40 - 60 tonnes per acre


Introducing TRIPERIO F1 - The Cabbage with uniform, bigger head size cabbage with excellent head coverage that guarantees freshness to the market.

Why Triperio F1?

1. Compact Head  - Triperio is a compact large head 

2. Strong Stem Elevation - Has a strong stem elevation above ground with a very high uniformity in the field    

3. Blue-green colour  - Preferred by the market as a sign of freshness

4. Disease Tolerance - Strong tolerance against Black Rot disease, Thrips and Diamond Back Moth(DBM). High resistance to Fusarium Yellows

5. Yield  - Large Heads weighing 7-10 kgs and 70-90 tonnes per acre

Other leading Hybrid seed varieties are: 

Cabbage: Gloria F1, Pruktor F1, Riana F1 distributed by Simlaw Seeds Kenya

Beans Organdi, Beans Serengeti and Sweet corn SG18 distributed by Royal Seed Kenya