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About Ampligo ®150 ZC

Ampligo is a broad spectrum insecticide that can be used to control Tuta Absoluta, Diamond Back Moth, Whiteflies, Leaf-hoppers and Fall Army Worm.


Active Ingredient

100g/lt Chlorantraniliprole

50g/lt Lambda-Cyhalothrin


Encapsulated Soluble Concentrate

WHO Classification



100ml and 1 litre

Mode of Action

AMPLIGO 150 ZC is combining 2 different insecticide mode of actions, the bisamide and the pyrethroid mode of action.

Chlorantraniliprole is a ryanodine receptor modulator. It is a novel substituted anthranilamide insecticide. The mode of action of chlorantraniliprole is activation of insect ryanodine receptors. This activation stimulates the release of calcium from the internal stores of smooth and striated muscle, causing impaired muscle regulation, paralysis and ultimately insect death. Chlorantraniliprole shows excellent differential selectivity toward insect ryanodine receptors over mammalian receptors.

Pyrethroids are sodium channel modulators, interfering with the central nervous system of insects. Lambda-cyhalothrin is a new generation photostable pyrethroid insecticide developed by Syngenta for the control of a broad spectrum of both chewing and sucking insect pests.  It is one of the most potent compounds. The pests become paralyzed and eventually die. However, although feeding stops almost immediately, it can take up to 4 days for death to occur. During this time the host plant is not damaged.

Rates of application

Apply at the recommended rate of 10 ml/20 litre or  250 ml/ha

Target Pests

Diamondback moth (Plutella xylostella in leafy vegetables

Spider mites (Tetranychus urticae)

Tuta Absoluta inTomatoes and Lepidoptera(Fall Army Worm) in Maize

Leaf miners (Liriomyza spp), Thrips and Leaf-hoppers 

Aphids, whiteflies, leafminers, leafhoppers


  • Fast Action with immediate pest kill
  • Proven best in class efficacy against the control of Tuta Absoluta, Diamond back Moth, Fall Army Worm and all other caterpillars
  • One product against many key pests such as whiteflies, thrips, aphids, beetles, leaf-hoppers among others
  • Economical- Delivers strong action at a low rate of application while covering a broad spectrum of pests
  • Low PHI of 3 days
  • Long lasting protection
  • Safe use on many crops.
  • Controls all pest stages including the eggs and the Adult stages.