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Pirimor 50 DG

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About Pirimor 50 DG

PIRIMOR is a fast acting specific aphicide for use on a wide variety of agricultural crops. It has fumigant action, which aids its distribution within the crop. It does not harm bees and other beneficially useful insects and therefore very useful in integrated pest management (IPM). 

Fact Sheet

Active Ingredients Content:

500g/Kg Pirimicarb.

Mode of Action

Pirimicarb is a fast acting insecticide rapidly absorbed by the target aphid. It has contact, translaminar and a powerful fumigant activity against aphids. It is systemic by root uptake. Pirimor gives a rapid knockdown against aphids.

Dispersible Granules

WHO Classification


Pack Sizes


Target Crops

Export vegetables and Cereals

Mode of Action

Rate of Application

Wheat, barley - 250g/ha

Ground application - Apply in 150ltres/ha water.

Aerial application - Apply 30litre/ha water.

Tank mix with Karate Zeon for additional control of bollworm. (Pirimor  at 125kg/ha + Karate Zeon at 150 ml/ha).

Key Benefits

  • Effective and Immediate knockdown of Aphids
  • Pirimicarb has a fumigant action this aids distribution within the crop.
  • Fast acting aphicide.
  • It is useful in IRM and integrated Pest Management.
  • Selectivity to aphids on a wide range of crops – it does not kill beneficial parasites and predators.
  • Effective through translaminar fumigant effects, providing excellent control in full canopy crops.
  • Low mammalian toxicity.
  • Breaks down rapidly in the soil so no risk of residue building up in the soil or water.