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Solvit 175 EW

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About Solvit® 

Solvit® is a systemic fungicide providing faster, more effective and longer-lasting control of Powdery Mildew and Rust on ornamental plants. 


Active Ingredient

125 g/l Fenpropidin

50 g/l Penconazole 


Emulsion, oil in water (EW) 

WHO Classification



1 litre

Mode of Action

  • Solvit® provides excellent preventive and curative activity against powdery mildew and rust diseases in ornamental crops.
  • The active ingredients in Solvit®, Fenpropidin a piperidine (FRAC code 5) and Penconazole a triazole (FARC code 3), both inhibit sterol biosynthesis but at different sites interrupting the disease cycle.
  • Fenpropidin and Penconazole have a high translaminar activity and are absorbed rapidly by the leaves and green parts of the plants.
  • Inside the plant, Fenpropidin and Penconazole are translocated acropetally (upwards within the xylem) resulting in a good distribution within the leaf and other treated plant parts.


Powdery mildew & Rust  diseases

Rates of Application

Apply at a recommended rate of 0.75 – 1 l/ha 

Main Crops

Ornamentals – Roses, Hypericum, Alstroemeria & Carnations


Main Product Benefits

  • Provides excellent preventative and curative control
  • Good rainfastness
  • Solvit is safe to a wide range of beneficial insects and predatory mites
  • Excellent control of powdery mildew and rust on leaves, on calyx, on canes and new shoots
  • Securing a clean crop during peak and high disease pressure periods
  • Built-in resistance management against powdery mildew and other diseases
  • Controls pathogens on the surface and within the plant tissue
  • Stops fungal development after penetration into the tissue
  • Reliable product performance